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 Prospective Membership Application - Peg4zus.

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PostSubject: Prospective Membership Application - Peg4zus.   Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:08 pm


    Forename: Quentin
    Surname: Guesdon
    Gamertag: Peg4zus
    Rockstar Social Club Username: GoFishhh
    Date of Birth: 02/04/1996
    Location: Versailles - Paris' suburbs.
    Contact address:
 13-15 rue Coste.


    Do you have any skills that could help the club?: Well, I'm afraid my current skills are not related to any games or computer softwares and couldn't help the club in a way or another.
    Do you have any previous experience of a realism club?: I've been in several realism clans, from Arma II Realism Units to Serious Roleplay Communities on Garry's Mod or Warcraft III.

    How much time can you dedicate for us per week?: I'd say I can dedicate two hours per day to the Lost MC.

    Where did you find out about us?:
I was reading some posts on the Xbox.com clans' forum when I find some interesting stuff about a Realism and Roleplaying clan, the Lost MC. It seems to be a quite serious and well structured club, so here I am.


    I, Quentin Guesdon, accept and understand the rules and requirements of The Lost Motorcycle Club and shall abide by the rules and be dedicated to my club and my brothers at all times. I understand that if I am accepted into the club as a Prospect I shall be granted access to club members-only information and I will not share or talk about any club related information to any non-patched member of the community. I agree to have my colours and privileges removed if my brothers deem me unfit for the club for any reason.
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Prospective Membership Application - Peg4zus.
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